Notes 7.0.2 – NOMAD

Installed Lotus Notes on my 1GB Cruzer SanDisk USB Drive today. As you can see, the estimated time for installation was 32 minutes; At least it took 45 minutes to install the client. This is far to long. Copying 300MB of data from my local drive C: to the usb device is normally done within 2 Minutes or so.

Lotus Notes 7.0.2 - NOMAD Installation


I found this hint on LDD regarding a TEMP_DIR issue:

“Currently the TEMP_DIR variable in your AUTORUN.INI file for IBM Lotus Notes client on a USB drive installation only works when your client is automatically launched. When launching the client from the “Lotus Notes on USB” desktop icon, the temporary files will be stored in the local system’s temporary directory,

When adding the TEMP_DIR variable to your AUTORUN.INI, also set AUTOLAUNCH_NOTES=Yes (default). After inserting the USB drive into your computer, if your Notes client is either (1) automatically launched, or (2) you run the command AUTORUN.EXE from the root of the USB drive which launches the client, then the temporary file will be stored in the path for the temporary directory you specified.”