Display Statistics for !!HELP!! On The Web

Last week I got a phone call from Richard Hogan of 6w Systems. Richard asked if I would like to add functionality to !!HELP!! to create charts, graphs or even dashboards. Hence I receive a lot of questions about the statistics in !HELP!!, I was glad to hear that 6w Systems offer an easy to use solution to achieve the aim.

ddCharts - Create Charts For !!HELP!!

ddCharts, which is 100% Notes, allows Notes developers & administrators to easily, and quickly, create drill down charts / graphs / dashboards of live Notes data. There is no data export and charts always display the latest data. You can click on a chart to drill down, and even into Notes documents (if enabled).

ddcharts It can be used as a standalone db, or one can use the DDchart object with Lotusscript to create one’s own charts.

To allow ddCharts to chart the information in !!Help!! would only require the creation of one or two views for the !!HELP!! db, and then creating the chart definition documents (these are simply Notes documents in a ddCharts db, and they store the name of the data db, name of view, and chart settings, etc).

ddCharts is neither Open Source nor it is free of charge but a (single server-) license is available at a very fair rate.