SuperNTF – Beta 0.9.4 released

Kevin Pettitt released version 0.9.4 of SuperNTF on OpenNTF.

SuperNTF by Kevin Pettitt

The initial release of SuperNTF is full of goodies. The first thing you will see is the clean navigation framework. Give yourself the “Admin” role and you will see a link to the “Administration” panel, where all sorts of configuration and logging functions are visible.

You should click the “DB Config” item under “Configuration” to change some global database properties. Check out the other configuration options, and note the “code helpers” which build formula syntax for using keyword and other formulas automatically.

I highly recommend keeping soft deletions enabled, as it works VERY well, regardless of how you delete documents (including “cuts”). Also note the mouseover behavior of the trash icon (and several others).

If you write any agents, check out the “Agent Templates” which provide a couple different common agent frameworks. Note that these samples include the standard OpenLog error trapping elements.

The standard “view actions” are highly tuned to show/hide as appropriate. E.g. the “Search” button only shows if the db is full text indexed. Also visible (only on windows) are the excel export actions.

All read and edit activity is tracked, so if you want to know what you looked at yesterday, check the “My History” view. To see what your boss read yesterday, look in the “User Activity” views in the Administration section. You can also see the history of specific field value changes at the document level.

And much more…