“Tell adminp process mailpolicy” generates errors without additional information

Today I encountered an issue when triggering the console command “tell adminp process mail poliy” .

AdminP processed the command but ended displaying


While it is clear from the output that a problem exists, there is not enough information to determine how to correct the issue.

So I searched the KnowledgeBase and found a technote describing the issue. According to this technote, setting ADMINP_VERBOSE_POLL_TASK=1 in the notes.ini should give a more verbose output. But no way; the setting did not have any effect. I’m not sure, if the value of 1 is only valid for a Domino 7.x server. I’m running Domino 8.5 with HF1 installed.

I found out, that you have to use ADMINP_VERBOSE_POLL_TASK=2 on Domino 8.5 to get a more verbose output.