VMWare Server on Lenovo S10e

I recently installed VMWare Server 2.0.1 on my brand new Lenovo S10e. I do not use the VMs every day, so I thought it would be a good idea to save some ressources on the computer and do not start the VMWare services automatically when the system starts.

First of all, change all VMWare … services from automatic to manual start.

To make the process of manually starting / stopping of the necessary services comfortable, I created two .cmd files with the following contents.


net start “VMWare Server Web Access”
net start “VMWare NAT Service”
net start “VMWare DHCP Service”
net start “VMWare Host Agent”


net stop”VMWare Server Web Access”
net stop”VMWare NAT Service”
net stop”VMWare DHCP Service”
net stop”VMWare Host Agent”
net stop”VMware Authorization Service””

There are 5 services to stop , but you only need to start 4 services. The VMWare Authorization Service is started automatically when the WMWare Host Agent comes up.