DirSync – OID rules for bitwise comparison.

As of FP2 for Domino / Notes 11.0.1, DirSync now supports filters using OID rules for bitwise comparison.

SPR# BSTS796FFJ – Server – Dirsync now supports filters using OID rules for bitwise comparison and other rules.

This extension of the filter options is very useful if you want to filter on attributes that contain the information as bit patterns.

For example, you want to sync only users that have an active (enabled) account in Active Directory. Whether an account is disabled is stored as a flag in the userAccountControl attribute.

If a user account is disabled, the userAccountControl attribute contains the disabled account flag 2. We can now build a filter rule to retrieve only person records that does NOT contain the flag ( and also are members of a specific group).


For more information how to build a bitwise comparison filter rule on OID refer to the information here and here .

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