DatabaseProperties Class

The DatabaseProperties class has been created to manage Notes databases in small to enterprise-wide domains using LotusScript and C API to set most Database settings on R5/R6 databases that you can set via client notes but pou don’t manage via LotusScript directly.

Its code has been built/expanded from the various Lotus Script/C API contributions over the years in the forums by many authors such as Normunds Kalnberzins and Rod Whitely as well as the dbdesign stuff by Damien Katz (and expanded dbdesign by Josh Jore).

This class is an extension of the “dbdesign” and a reorganization of the function that you can get in “R5 Database Manager” and my improvment. For the DBDesign a i made a fix in the method that update the document thant contain Template Name/Design Name/Category. Now the string store in the notes document does not contain a garbage Characters.