Should Debug_Outfile be used on a Domino 6.x server?

Starting with Domino 6.0, the Domino server creates a console.log file by default in the “IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT” folder, which is located in the server’s Data directory. The development of the console.log file, which can be dynamically enabled and disabled at the server console, makes the use of the parameter debug_outfile obsolete.

For backwards compatibility, when debug_outfile is present in the notes.ini it takes precedence. However, using the debug_outfile parameter is no longer the preferred method for capturing console output.

Console.log is superior to the use of “debug_outfile” because it can be dynamically enabled and disabled at the server console thus eliminating delays capturing crucial data. Server reboots are no longer required to begin capturing basic console logging, which is not the case when using the parameter “debug_outfile”.

Enabling Dynamic Console Logging

Console.log can be dynamically enable and disabled at the server console with the following commands:

start consolelog

stop consolelog

Please note that these commands are not “sticky” (i.e. they are only specific to the current server session). To avoid console logging from being disabled after a reboot, the following parameter can be set to 1 (where 1 is enabled and 0 is disabled):


Lotus Software KnowledgeBase Document# 1181562