How to get control of your Server Availability Index (SAI) in 6.x

You upgraded your Domino 5.x server to 6.x or installed a new 6.x server and notice that:

  1. The SAI does not seem to behave the same in 6.x as it did in 5.x.
  2. The SAI is lower than expected.
  3. The SAI seems to move quickly between high and low.
  4. Your server tends to get busy (SAI=0) when it seems to still have plenty of power available.

The SAI calculation has changed between 5.x and 6.x. In 6.x, the SAI is more accurate, but consequently, being more sensitive, its default range is not appropriate for all type of servers.

Depending on the type of host server, alternate settings may be necessary to normalize the SAI.

This issue is independent of the performance of the host server or Domino server, but it can appear that the availability of the server is affected. This is because the SAI settings need to be adjusted.

By default, the server_transinfo_range in 6.x is set to 6. In many cases, this setting is too low for more powerful modern servers.

The solution is to set server_transinfo_range=25 in the notes.ini and to recycle the Domino server.

When upgrading from 5.x (or 6.x versions prior to 6.0.3), rename the file loadmon.ncf before restarting Domino. This file will be recreated.

A server_transinfo_range of 20 will bring your SAI to approximately 70, and a server_transinfo_range of 30 will bring your SAI to approximately 85.

[ Lotus Notes KnowledgeBase #1196871 ]