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  1. I’ve recently started using Wink for user documentation in my databases. It’s great. I turned a 5 page (or so) help document with screen shots and text that no one ever read into a 2 minute Wink presentation with big yellow callouts every 20 seconds or so. People who would never read the documentation will watch the “movie”.

    Here’s what I did:

    1. I created the screen capture in Wink, added callouts, and exported as a SWF file (hint: use the “optimized palette” option for a much smaller file).

    2. I created a Page element in the database that is all pass-through HTML, which is the HTML page that Wink generates.

    3. Then I took the SWF file from Wink and add it as a File Resource in the database.

    4. Back on the HTML page, I changed the SWF file reference to a computed field, pointing to /thedatabase/thefile.swf?OpenFileResource

    5. As a Shared Action in the database, I have a button that makes a @URLOpen call that opens the Page.

    So now when people click the “Help” button in my database, it opens up a browser window and starts playing the Wink movie. It’s great.

  2. Glad you like it!

    I’ve been meaning to blog about that technique for a while, but haven’t had the chance. And I probably won’t until at least after Lotusphere. So maybe if you wanted to blog about it…?

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