Notes 7.0.1 on SUSE Linux 9.2

I’ve installed the Notes Client 7.0.1 for Linux on SUSE 9.2 with GNOME. SUSE Linux runs as a virtual machine on VMware Server 1.0.1.

Notes 7.0.1 for Linux on SUSE 9.2

2 thoughts on “Notes 7.0.1 on SUSE Linux 9.2

  1. Interesting!! And what about the performance?
    I’m currently trying to get working in Xubuntu distro (I had to install Gnome).
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Well, the performance is … poor 😕 But I’ve installed SuSE LINUX on a VM with 512 MB of RAM only and a Celeron 2400 MHz.

    You need Gnome because the installer checks for an existing Mozilla installation.
    Mozilla is not installed with KDE as far as I know. So maybe it is possible to run the Notes Client in a KDE environment as well.

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