Why at least pay for what you can get free of charge ?

According to Ed Brill there are plans to have “standard out-of-the-box RSS feed support as well as blog template support” .
To be honest; why do I have to pay for new “features” I can get free of charge from the Open Source community ? I can download a well working Blog template from OpenNTF and can code a RSS feed using generic Lotus Notes capabilities.

It is ridiculous to offer more and more new features but leave the core product as is.
I’ve complained about the fact that it is not possible to change the column headers at runtime. The same complaint about tabbed tables labels.
Another one is about sections. Why can i change the twistie in views using an alternative to the standard picture but cannot use this in sections ?

Developers should rather concentrate on how to implement code for this than create functions for stuff that is already available