Adjust Date/Time To Next Business Day – Part II

In my recent posting I showed a method to calculate the number of business days between one date and another. It is possible to exclude weekends and a list of dates, too.
How to adjust Date/Time to next business day, I’ve already described here.

When using the GetBusinessDays method from my recent posting, the code to adjust a date to the next business day can be reduced to at least this snippet:

Sub Click(Source As Button)
	Dim dtStart As String
	Dim dtEnd As String
	dtStart = Today
	dtEnd = dtStart

	Dim b As New BusinessDay("1:7","[18.06.2007]:[19.06.2007]:[20.06.2007]")
	Dim StartDT As NotesDateTime

	Set StartDT = New NotesDateTime (dtStart)
	While b.GetBusinessDays (dtStart,dtEnd ) = 0
		Call StartDT.AdjustDay(1)
		dtEnd = StartDT.DateOnly

	Msgbox StartDT.DateOnly
End Sub

This is a great example of how evaluating @formulas in LotusScript can save you a lot of time when you want to write a function which is not available in Script.

@BusinessDays In LS

In R6 you can use @BusinessDays to calculate the number of working days between one date and another, excluding non-working days and a list of dates to exclude as well. As there is no equivalent in LotusScript, I wrote a small class to simulate @BusinessDays in LS.
Actually I did not reinvent the wheel, but simply used evaluate in combination with @BusinessDays to achieve the aim.

Here is my code:

Class BusinessDay

	Private holidays As String
	Private nondays As String

	Sub New (strExcludeDays As String,strExcludeDates As String)
		holidays = "[01/01/1899]"
		nondays = "0"
		If strExcludeDays <> "" Then
			nondays = strExcludeDays
		End If

		If strExcludeDates <> "" Then
			holidays = strExcludeDates
		End If
	End Sub

	Public Function GetBusinessDays(dtStart As String,dtEnd As String) As Integer

		Dim bd As Variant
		Dim StartDT As New NotesDateTime(dtStart)
		Dim EndDT As New NotesDateTime(dtEnd)

		GetBusinessDays = 0
		bd = Evaluate({@BusinessDays([}&_
		Cdat(StartDT.DateOnly)& {];[}&_
		Cdat(EndDT.DateOnly)& {];}&_
		Me.nondays &{;}&_
		Me.holidays &_
		GetBusinessDays = Cint(bd(0))
	End Function

End Class

To test the code, put the code into the declaration section of a button. In your “Click” event type

Sub Click(Source As Button)
	Dim dtStart As String
	Dim dtEnd As String
	dtStart = "05.06.2007"
	dtEnd = "11.06.2007"

	'Dim b As New BusinessDay("1:7","[08.06.2007]:[06.06.2007]:[07.06.2007]")
	'Dim b As New BusinessDay("","[08.06.2007]:[06.06.2007]:[07.06.2007]")
	Dim b As New BusinessDay("","")
	Msgbox b.GetBusinessDays (dtStart,dtEnd )
End Sub