OpenProj – A Microsoft Project Replacement

OpenProj is a free, open source project management solution. OpenProj is a complete replacement of Microsoft Project and other commercial project solutions.


The OpenProj solution is the most advanced project solution ever provided to the open source community. Projity has open sourced the entire OpenProj solution including the most advanced scheduling, resource and cost algorithms in the industry. Projity provides the source code and OpenProj solution free of charge. OpenProj runs on Linux, Unix, Mac or Windows desktops.

5 thoughts on “OpenProj – A Microsoft Project Replacement

  1. Hi,

    Domino based, but not open source (and with a different feature set than the typical MS Project clone): Mindplan (see
    It is a Java based mindmapping software, which stores all nodes in Lotus Notes documents AND is capable of summing up efforts AND provides Gantt charts AND will have resource histograms AND will be integrated in the Notes 8 client in the next version.

    Highly recommended, and priced moderately.

    (No, I’m not the author of this tool, just a partner –> if you download the (free!) test version you might want to select “SP Integration” as the referring partner, which would earn us fame and glory points 😉 ).

  2. Mindplan is a good choice ( and affordable ). We have evaluated this tool a while ago, but someone decided to do the whole project management in SAP …

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