Some API Calls No Longer Working In Eclipse Based Client

In !!HELP!! I use dynamic popupmenu function from user32.dll to build a custom popup menue in an action. This worked fine in Notes 7.0.x and the Basic Notes 8 and 8.0.1 client.
When you use these functions in rhe Eclipse based client, they will no longer work. The same problem is described here.

Today, I’ve created a service call at IBM. Here is the answer:

I would like to inform you that your query issue is described in SPR # WEBB73RMHA.

As per above SPR, the following Win API calls do no longer work with Eclipse based clients

CreatePopupMenu from user32.dll
DestroyMenu from user32.dll
GetActiveWindow from user32.dll
InsertMenuItem from user32.dll
TrackPopupMenuEx from user32.dll

GetCursorPos from user32.dll
InsertMenu from user32.dll
SetRectEmpty from user32.dll
EnableMenuItem from user32.dll
CheckMenuItem from user32.dll
GetSubMenu from user32.dll
AppendMenu from user32.dll
SetMenuItemBitmaps from user32.dll
LoadImage from user32.dll

I have created the Customer Report, APAR # LO27664 against SPR # WEBB73RMHA.

This issue has been reported to our Lotus Software Quality Engineers and it will continue to be investigated by our QE through our SPR process.

Does anyone has an idea of how to create a dynamic menue in the client not using Windows API stuff ?

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