WordPress Plugin For LotusScript And Formula Syntax Highlighting

I’m using wordpress for blogging and have wp-syntax installed for quite a while as a syntax colour code/highlighter. wp-syntax supports many languages. But it does not support Lotus Script or @Formula language out of the box.

You can easily add support for these languages by adding a file to GeSHi, the Generic Syntax Highlighter, which is used in wp-syntax and some other plugins for wordpress.

I had done this a year ago for Notes 7. Now Richard Civil posted a new version for Notes 8. If your blog is based on wordpress and you are looking for an easy to implement, easy to use syntax colour code/highlighter to prettify your Lotus Script or formula code, jump over to RichardCivil.net.

5 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin For LotusScript And Formula Syntax Highlighting

  1. Great find! I have been meaning to do this for months and now I don’t have to (of course I probably never would have gotten to it anyway).

  2. Ulrich,

    Thanks for letting me know you find it useful.

    Do you still have the Notes 7 language file? – I’ll like to compare it against the file I created – making sure I haven’t missed out anything. If you still have it, can you send me a copy, please? -tks.

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