A New Look

After installing Domino 8.5 Beta 2 and reading Jack Dausmann’s post “ND8.5 Beta 2 with XPages Baked In To Templates” I immediately created a new discussion application on the server and opened it in the browser.

The new GUI looks great and using xPages and css it can be easily modified to match a company’s corporate design. Even a company logo can be added by simply attaching the logo to the applications configuration document.

You have sliders for authors and tags and view pagination. I encountered one problem with tags. I tried to add an additional tag and saved the document. I reopened the document and the modification was lost. I created a new document and added two tags delimited by comma. The tags appeared in the tag list; but as a single tag. Seems that the field is not configured as a multi value field. I’ll check this after the Notes 85 Beta2 client download has finished …