Programmatically Check If Export Of View Data Is Disabled

In Lotus Notes /Domino 8.0.2 you can disable the export of view data by selecting this option in the application properties. To programmatically check if the export is disabled, you can use the following LotusScript.

Function IsExportDisabled () As Boolean
	IsExportDisabled = False
	Dim s As New NotesSession
	Dim db As NotesDatabase
	Set db = s.CurrentDatabase
	Dim IconDoc As NotesDocument
	Set IconDoc = db.GetDocumentByID("FFFF0010")
	If ( Not IconDoc Is Nothing ) Then
		If IconDoc.HasItem("$DisableExport") Then
			IsExportDisabled = True
		End If
	End If
End Function

Notes stores the information in the application’s icon design document. If export is disabled, the $DisableExport field is present. The script simply checks if the field is available. If so, export is disabled and the function returns true else false.

Notes 8.5 –> Compress Images

In Notes 8.5 you can automatically compress images pasted into documents.  Note that bitmap (.bmp) images that are imported into a Notes document are compressed; bitmap images that are pasted into a Notes document are converted to .gif or .jpg format.

Choose “File -> Preferences -> Basic Notes Client Configuration”, and then choose the appropriate setting under ‘Additional options’

The Notes 8.5 Release Notes says that the setting is selected by default but in the beta it isn’t!

A New Look

After installing Domino 8.5 Beta 2 and reading Jack Dausmann’s post “ND8.5 Beta 2 with XPages Baked In To Templates” I immediately created a new discussion application on the server and opened it in the browser.

The new GUI looks great and using xPages and css it can be easily modified to match a company’s corporate design. Even a company logo can be added by simply attaching the logo to the applications configuration document.

You have sliders for authors and tags and view pagination. I encountered one problem with tags. I tried to add an additional tag and saved the document. I reopened the document and the modification was lost. I created a new document and added two tags delimited by comma. The tags appeared in the tag list; but as a single tag. Seems that the field is not configured as a multi value field. I’ll check this after the Notes 85 Beta2 client download has finished …