It’s Not A Bird, It’s Not A Plane, It’s SuperAdmin!

Have you ever wondered if you have dead mailfiles sitting on your server taking up space, or if all your databases are on the latest ODS version, or if the administration server in the ACL is set correctly on all databases?

If so then this is the application for you.

Written by a notes admin for notes admins all the information that you need to make sure your Domino environment is running like a well oiled machine will be waiting for you once you deploy SuperAdmin.

Declan Lynch just released version 1.0.0 of SuperAdmin on

Download and unpack the zipfile, sign the template using an ID with full administration rights for all databases, create a new database from the template on your server and start the agent from the server console using

tell amgr run “dbname.nsf” ‘Check Server Databases’

If you like to run the agent on a scheduled basis, set the schedule and activate the agent.