Es tut sich was in Richtung Extension Manager und Java

Addins mit Java zu erstellen ist ja bereits möglich und einem Teil der ND Entwicklergemeinde durch die Vortäge von Matthias Bierl und Andy Brunner auf den EntwicklerCamps bekannt.

Jetzt tut sich auch etwas, um auch Extension Manager mit Java zu erstellen.

Aber Vorsicht, das ist noch keine 1 zu 1 Umsetzung der Möglichkeiten, die man mit C hat. Zum einen fehlen noch Ereignisse, zum anderen wird der Funktionscode wohl nicht so zeitnah ausgeführt, dass man z.B. auf Dokumente in der zugreifen kann, bevor diese geroutet werden ( soweit ich das verstanden habe )

Die fehlenden Ereignisse kann man sich aber leicht selber hinzuprogrammieren, da der Sourcecode mitgeliefert wird.

Im Übrigen wird sich die komplette Entwicklung von Addins und ExtensionManagern in Richtung OSGi bewegen. Man sollte sich also frühzeitig damit beschäftigen.

OpenNTF – Medusa and Bildr

There a two new projects on OpenNTF. The first one is called Medusa. Stephan Wissel mentioned it in his LCTY session in Düsseldorf. Now it is available for download on OpenNTF.

If you’re developing Xpages, you need Medusa. You need it bad. Trust me.

Bildr, by Patrick Kwinten, is another XPages application to distribute images over your Domino network. The application allows automatic resizing of images.

New Role: [GPL Committer]

I’ve been elected as a OpenNTF GLP committer by the OpenNTF Steering Committee.

Together with Declan Lynch and Rene Winkelmeyer I will review new and existing projects to be entered into the GPL catalog.

We had a short conference call together with IP manager Peter Tanner (IBM). Declan talked about some of the issues, he had seen so far when clearing GPL code.

If you are a project chef or you want submit a new project to the GPL catalog, pls. read this article.  There are some requirements listed, when submitting GPL code to OpenNTF. Following a few guidelines would help the GPL committers to speed up the process of reviewing the code.

Legal things are not very popular, I know. And I predict that you might “hate” us sometimes for being obstrusive should we find any IP issues in your code.

OpenNTF: Lotus Notes CMS Client Utility

Chris Toohey has recently released ( or better, is about to release ) his Lotus Notes CMS Client Utility on OpenNTF.

Once he will find out, how to upload the tool, you’ll be able to download it.

I am and always will be a friend of simple tools. This is one of these tools. It is a good alternative for web site owners who do not have the possibility of running a Domino server or do not have enough money to get a blog or website hosted.

You are able to create and maintain your content using the Lotus Notes Client. After you have created your content, simply press a button and do a FileZilla sync with your webspace.

Job well done, Chris!

It’s Not A Bird, It’s Not A Plane, It’s SuperAdmin!

Have you ever wondered if you have dead mailfiles sitting on your server taking up space, or if all your databases are on the latest ODS version, or if the administration server in the ACL is set correctly on all databases?

If so then this is the application for you.

Written by a notes admin for notes admins all the information that you need to make sure your Domino environment is running like a well oiled machine will be waiting for you once you deploy SuperAdmin.

Declan Lynch just released version 1.0.0 of SuperAdmin on

Download and unpack the zipfile, sign the template using an ID with full administration rights for all databases, create a new database from the template on your server and start the agent from the server console using

tell amgr run “dbname.nsf” ‘Check Server Databases’

If you like to run the agent on a scheduled basis, set the schedule and activate the agent.

ILUG2008 Is Just Around The Corner

ILUG 2008 is just a few days away. The agenda is (almost) ready and according to Paul Mooney, there are still some seats available. Did YOU already register ? If you attend ILUG 2008, don’t forget to confirm your attendence, as Paul kindly requested in his mail.

For more information listen to the Taking Notes Episode 82: 2008.05.25 – ILUG 2008!.

Vince Shuurman will present his session: 999 Code samples and 250 Notes&Domino Applications, FREE!!. If you attend this session, maybe Vince will say a few words about the latest news in OpenNTF’s project !!HELP!!.

Looking forward to seeing you in Dublin!!

Notes Cannot Do This? Client Defined Delivery Schedule

I found this idea on IdeaJam today. There have been several questions regarding scheduled mails in almost all Lotus Notes related forums in the past years and as far as I recall, Breaking Par has had a solution for this.

Although I do not see any business case for this feature, I like the idea. And yes, Notes cannot do this out of the box. But let’s see, if we can find a solution. As I commented, you can use Trigger Happy to achieve the goal. The solution only needs minor changes on the mail template.
I use Notes and Domino 8.0.1 but the agent code and the modification might work on every other Notes version. I assume that you already have Trigger Happy installed on your server.

Create two new fields in the DelOptions subform. DeliveryDate and DeliveryTime.

and save the subform.

Create an new agent in the triggerhappy.nsf and copy the following code into the agent:

'Agent ScheduledMails

Option Public
Option Explicit

'++ Declarations

Const SCHEDULED_MAILS = {@IsAvailable("DeliveryDate") & RoutingState="HOLD"}

Sub Initialize
	On Error Goto processError
	Dim session As New NotesSession
	Dim doc As NotesDocument
	Dim item As NotesItem
	Dim Scheduled As String
	Dim dtNow As New NotesDateTime(Now)
	Dim mailbox As New NotesDatabase ( "Serv01/singultus","" )
	Dim col As NotesDocumentCollection
	Dim i As Integer

	'** make sure we don't mess up the rich text fields stored as MIME
	session.ConvertMime = False
	Set doc = session.DocumentContext

	'** check new mails
	If doc.HasItem("DeliveryDate") And (Not doc.HasItem("RoutingState" )) Then
		If Trim(doc.DeliveryDate(0)) <> "" Then
			Scheduled = _
			"Message delivery scheduled: " _
			& Cstr(doc.DeliveryDate(0)) & " " & Cstr(doc.DeliveryTime(0))
			Print scheduled
			doc.RoutingState = "HOLD"
			doc.FailureReason = Scheduled
		End If
	End If

	'** scheduled mails to deliver ?
	If mailbox.IsOpen() Then
		Set col = mailbox.Search(SCHEDULED_MAILS,Nothing,0)
		Set doc = col.GetFirstDocument
		While ( Not doc Is Nothing )
			Dim dtSched As New NotesDateTime _
			( Cstr(doc.DeliveryDate(0)) & " " & Cstr(doc.DeliveryTime(0)) )
			If dtSched.localtime <= dtNow.LocalTime Then
				Call doc.RemoveItem ("RoutingState")
				Call doc.RemoveItem ("FailureReason")
				Call doc.Save(False,False)
			End If
			Set doc = col.GetNextDocument(doc)

	End If

	session.ConvertMime = True
	Exit Sub

	'** use your favorite error logging routine here

	Exit Sub

End Sub

Create a trigger in the configuration database.

and save it. Every time, a new mail arrives in the, the agent is invoked. It checks the new mail, if it has a DeliveryDate item and if the item contains a value.
If so, the RoutingState is set to HOLD. The router will stop to deliver the mail. The second step is to check if the the delivery date and time is reached. If so, the agent removes the RoutingState field from the document and the router will process the document and deliver it.

The FailureReason column contains a hint that the mail is scheduled.

Advanced LotusScript Logging

Flow contains a full-featured logging engine that allows you to log events/errors to rich-text documents and e-mail messages allowing you to generate easily readable logs with different color text based on the event’s logging level. You may also send logging events/errors to plain-text files, the server console or client status bar, and/or message dialog boxes.

Download Flow from OpenNTF.

IBM is contributing composite applications tools to OpenNTF

Please welcome IBM’s Mark Jourdain, Jo Grant and Craig Wolpert to the community.
They have recently posted their first OpenNTF project: The Composite Application Component Library

This NSF contains 22 ready-to-use utility components that you can use in your composite applications in Lotus Notes 8. …

The NSF is based on the Eclipse Update Site (8) template that is supplied with Lotus Notes 8 and can be copied to the local data folder of the Lotus Notes 8 client or on a Lotus Domino 8 server.

[via Ed Brill]

OpenNTF Advisory Board

OpenNTF will be establishing an Advisory Board to help take the site and the Lotus Community it serves to the next level. I am happy to inform you that nominations to fill nine council posistions are now being accepted and will be open through Friday, September 21, 2007. In order to fill out the nomination form you will need have your OpenNTF username and password. If you do not have a username and password you can get one here.

OpenNTF Advisory Council - Nominations now open