New Role: [GPL Committer]

I’ve been elected as a OpenNTF GLP committer by the OpenNTF Steering Committee.

Together with Declan Lynch and Rene Winkelmeyer I will review new and existing projects to be entered into the GPL catalog.

We had a short conference call together with IP manager Peter Tanner (IBM). Declan talked about some of the issues, he had seen so far when clearing GPL code.

If you are a project chef or you want submit a new project to the GPL catalog, pls. read this article.  There are some requirements listed, when submitting GPL code to OpenNTF. Following a few guidelines would help the GPL committers to speed up the process of reviewing the code.

Legal things are not very popular, I know. And I predict that you might “hate” us sometimes for being obstrusive should we find any IP issues in your code.