OpenNTF – Medusa and Bildr

There a two new projects on OpenNTF. The first one is called Medusa. Stephan Wissel mentioned it in his LCTY session in Düsseldorf. Now it is available for download on OpenNTF.

If you’re developing Xpages, you need Medusa. You need it bad. Trust me.

Bildr, by Patrick Kwinten, is another XPages application to distribute images over your Domino network. The application allows automatic resizing of images.

6 thoughts on “OpenNTF – Medusa and Bildr

  1. Thank you very much,

    both are very interessting for me, I will download immediately and give a feedback. See you at “Entwicklercamp 2010” in Gelsenkirchen (“Schalke”.

    Kind Regards

  2. first Result of “Bildr”

    “Bildr” sounds german? The functions are very pretty and you need not to install any other tings! (very good) The gallery is very nice. Technical is it Version 8.0 and higher (no XPages).
    In the moment we have one problem with opening the “lightbox” the URL for “host” is wrong.
    But, maybe it is a problem of my config? We will check later and give informations.

    Kind Regards

  3. hej,

    actually I read it =)

    thanks for the positive comments so far. Next step will be XPagify the app ofcourse.

    I just hope other people will follow with sharing their appz.

    Bild = picture in Swedish. I guess its something similar in German than too?

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