NoteFIX – Document Maintenance Tool (2.2.0)

NoteFIXFerhat BULUT released version 2.2.0 of NoteFIX. Use NoteFIX to change field values, create new items or select users/groups from server address book etc. No agent, no code required …

5 thoughts on “NoteFIX – Document Maintenance Tool (2.2.0)

  1. hımm, thanks for your announcement Ulrich.
    Thomas, i think this is an intelligence 🙂
    You can’t dream that i wrote how many lines of code to create this application. Especially i don’t say design phase (GUI design. I mean, thinking).
    But i appreciate martin scott company about Noteman. They did best design for this type of application. Maybe similarity is bad but there is no chance to make different GUI. But don’t forget. Every piece of code & design is developed by myself.

  2. I’m not sure where to post this tbh 😛 . I know people are real edgy with all the blog spam etc. I use to run a blog myself, so I’m aware of the work you actually do to keep this up 😀 . Anyway point is I thought I’d try and put something back into the community so I’ve written a little plugin folks might like. You can find it if you click through to my website. If you don’t like it just delete this comment. Thanks for your time.

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