More On Database Defragmentation

In a previous post I wrote about using Contig.exe to analyse defragmentation of your Domino databases. Contig.exe -a -v -s Drive:\DominoDataDirectoryPath\*.nsf > c:\fragments.txt will analyse all .nsf files in your Domino data directory and redirect the console output to a textfile.

Going through this textfile to search for heavily fragmented databases is a bit of a pain. I have created a simple database to import the file to get a better overview.

Start the import by clicking the Import action button, select the file you have created before and confirm your selection by clicking OK. Existing documents are not updated in this early release.

The code behind the action will now create one document for each database …


6 thoughts on “More On Database Defragmentation

  1. Ulrich, is the db for Notes 8 only?
    I’m getting “Invalid NSF version” when I use 7.02 client to access it.

  2. Very smart! Thank you for sharing. The results are very interesting (databases are on a NAS-Box).


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