iLug 2008 – Speedgeeking

According to Paul Mooney’s definition, SpeedGeeking is:

… a brand-new , quick-n-dirty, raucous way to learn some great tips, tricks, and techniques from some of the best and brightest of our ILUG speakers. In a short 5 minutes you’ll see some tips, techniques (and sometimes crazy) ideas that they have been working on. …

To give all of you who did not attend iLug 2008 an impression what this means in reality, here is a video of fabulous Sean Burgess.

There was also SpeedSponsoring, which does not mean to give away much Guiness as you can in 5 Minutes ( which would have been great from the attendees point of view ) or buy as much as you can from the exhibitors products ( which would have been great from the sonsor’s point of view ).
To me it seemed that most of the sponsors did not have had any clue what Speedsponsoring really is.

Most of them tried to do a presentation of their product in 5 minutes. I had expected to see only one outstanding feature of the product in question that was presented in a breathtaking manner. But it was great fun anyway.

Because all of us at least on friday suffer from deprivation of sleep, another SpeedFoo took place at the very beginning of Julian Robichaux’s and Rob McDonagh’s “Charts! Reports! Graphs! Beer (no, not for you)… ” session. … SpeedNapping.