Domino 8.5 and Compact

After upgrading 2 production servers to Domino 8.5 yesterday, I found this entry on the console when running a compact -c on the users mail mailfiles.


I have seen this on several databases, but the amount of KB (  ~ + 11MB ) surprised me. Can someone explain this behaviour, pls?

All databases had ODS48 format with LZ1 compression and design and document compression enabled.

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  1. You may try Create_R85_Databases=1 in your notes.ini to convert the ODS into version 51 (Works on clients, too)

  2. I think the compact command in Domino 8.5 is bugged.
    The database was originally 328MB, and after compact it was 718MB:

    2009-01-31 13:57:51 Recovery Manager: Assigning new DBIID for D:\NOTES\DATA\dir1\database1.nsf (need new backup for media recovery).
    2009-01-31 13:57:51 Compacted dir1\database1, increased by 390757K bytes (126%)
    2009-01-31 13:57:52 Database compactor process shutdown

  3. We have experienced the same behaviour on a 8.0.2 Domino server.
    Any luck on findning the source to the problem?

    Create_R8_Databases=1 set in notes.ini
    “Compact mail/ -B -S 5”
    “07/21/2009 23:53:12 Compacted mail/user.nsf, increased by 2304256K bytes (<1%)"

    Not good.

  4. Your mail file will increase in size, because it inherits the design from a template + the template is >NOT< configured to use design compression.
    So even if you set the flag for Design Compression, it will be overwritten at night by the designer task.
    The next time you run compact, it will increase the size of your mail file.

    Solution : just enable design compression in the template you are using for your mail file!

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