Notes 8.5: No Designer When Running in Basic Mode

Just a hint; i guess, Notes is working as designed.

I have Notes 8.5 Standard client with Designer and Administrator installed and added UseBasicMode=1 to notes.ini to start the client in Basic Mode. Then I opened my mailfile and clicked “View – Agents”.

This is, what I found in the statusbar:


9 thoughts on “Notes 8.5: No Designer When Running in Basic Mode

  1. thats a real shame as I use the lighter weight mode often with VMs and lower powered machines

    does this also mean that there will be no designer on usb pen / nomad ?


  2. This is shite!
    I run Domino Designer (and Notes) on Ubuntu with Wine and I have only been able to get the basic version to run on Wine.
    And there is no Debian version of Designer…
    And I want to do Web services!!! Shite again!

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