DAOS: Transaction Protocol Trap

I’m recently working with DAOS on our production servers and had an issue with transactional protocol. Well not really a problem but a thing to check before you enable DAOS on a database.

As you might know, you must enable trasaction protocol on your server to be able to use DAOS.

But, there is a second place where transaction protocol is controlled; on the advanced tab of the database.

For some reason, transaction protocol was disabled on a handful of databases.

When you trigger a “load compact -c -daos on path\database.nsf” on the server console, the database is compacted and DAOS is enabled on the database. But none of the attachments from the database are moved to the DAOS repository.

When you type “load daosmgr status dbsummary” on the console after the compact task has finished, you will see the following output


At this point, you should look at the advanced tab of the database, uncheck “Disable Transaction Protocol” and run compact again.