Lotus Traveler: AutoSync on Nokia S60 (fixed)

Today I received a hotfix for the “Auto Sync stops on Nokia S60 devices” issue. The fix will be available for public download on IBM Fix central shortly.

Other issues fixed with this update:

  • LO37036 – Server         – Troubles downloading bootstrap.nts file from WM ppc device.
  • LO37329 – Server         – Unknown timezone error message displayed on Domino console.
  • LO36583 – Server         – Can not access LotusTraveler.ntf on new install  if server is not part of LocalDomainAdmins group.
  • LO37264 – Server         – Inbox email is resent to recipients from Traveler device.
  • LO36929 – Nokia S60      – Can not register the Nokia E75 device with Lotus Notes Traveler server.
  • LO36898 – Nokia S60      – Cannot register with server using non-asci user id/password.
  • LO37643 – Nokia S60      – Failure syncing draft mail with attachments.
  • LO37884 – Nokia S60      – AutoSync stops working on Nokia Client.
  • LO36514 – Windows Mobile – DBCS recipient name may disappear after sync.
  • LO36935 – Windows Mobile – Journal fails to sync when body contains URL.
  • LO37347 – Windows Mobile – Unable to sync large attachments (>1M).

Thanks to Tony O’Neill, Ahmed Rzik and Lotus Traveler L3 for kind support.

Lead Manager XPage Sample

IBM recently started a new project on OpenNTF ( Lead Manager X ) The Lead Manager is a sample CRM application. It shows how to take an existing suite of Notes applications, and give them a new XPage based web front end. The existing rich client application (and the databases they reside in) are completely unchanged.

There is a video tour of the application on YouTube and an application overview on the Lotus Domino Designer Wiki.

Thanks to Jo Grant and Craig Wolpert for sharing the application and providing the full source code.