Custom data directories for multi-user install or upgrade on Windows or Citrix

When you install Lotus Notes on a PC or laptop and the installation is inteded to be used by more than one user, each subsequent user’s personal data (contacts, bookmarks, notes.ini, and so on) are installed under “C:\Documents and Settings”, and there was no option to change that.

With Lotus Notes 8.51 you will be able to change that. Using command line options, you can uniquely specify the shared and user-specific data directories on the Notes install command line using MSI properties or in an MSI transform.

To configure a Notes custom data directory during multi-user install or upgrade, use the following command line in conjunction with your Notes install kit.


The shared notes.ini file is created in the directory specified by MULTIUSERCOMMONDIR and a user-specific copy of the notes.ini file is created in the directory specified by MULTIUSERBASEDIR. The expanded notes.ini path is written to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry.

IBM Lotus Notes/Domino and Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.1 is prerelease software and there are no guarantees from IBM that the functionality presented will be in the final shipping product.