A valid file name cannot contain any of the following characters: \ / :*?”<> |

Prior to 8.5.1 you could add file resources to your application. To have a better overwiew, you could rename your file resources and add slashes to the filename.


In DDE 8.51 this seems no longer to be possible. When you try to rename the recource directly in the view, a friendly message tells you that you are not allowed to use characters like slashes and things loke that.


The same error message occurs, when you do a rename via the “Rename” dialog ( press F2 or right-click the resource in the outline and select the rename option )


All your changes are discarded after you close the message boxes.

But there is still a “backdoor” to accomplish the aim. Renaming the file in the properties also raises the error.


But when you close the message box, your changes are accepted.