DAOS – Find a note for a missing NLO file

Today, I saw the following message on my Domino console

[0E88:005A-0FF4] 08.03.2016 17:19:01   The database d:\Domino\data\mail\ukrause.nsf was unable to open or read the file d:\DAOS\0002\97FC43BEED143800A6608E557BE888498DB9BC5100015B7C.nlo: File truncated – file may have been damaged

If you see such a message in your production environment, you should immediately find out

  • what causes the damage?
  • which note does the .nlo belong to?

In my case, the answer for the first one is: Anti Virus Software.

And here is, how I found the answer to the second on

If not already in place, set


Next trigger a console command

tell daosmgr LISTNLO MAP -V mail/ukrause.nsf

This will create a file listNLO.txt in you Domino data directory

Open the file and search for the .nlo file in question




You now have the noteId of the document that has a ticket to the damaged .nlo.

Use your favorite tool to find and open the document.


In my case, it was just a SPAM mail. So no worries. But if this happens in production, you should now go and find the ( hopefully intact ) nlo in your backup and restore it.

One thought on “DAOS – Find a note for a missing NLO file

  1. Use the default to encrypt the NLOs with server ID and/or exclude the DAOS folder from any AV scans.

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