LotusScript: NotesDominoQuery – first steps

I upgraded my Domino Server and Notes Client from V10 to V10.01 yesterday. V10.01 introduces some new features for developers.

Amongst others, there is a new class in LotusScript; NotesDominoQuery. The class is used to compile, tune, and run Domino Query Language queries.

The class and it’s methods and properties is not (yet) documented in the Domino Designer Help. But you can find the documentation ( and examples ) here.

Also not documented is that you cannot run a query client/server. According to John Curtis this is not possible at this point.

I put together a small agent to execute a simple query on the server names.nsf that should return the number of douments found. When I ran the agent ( tell amgr run “db.nsf” ‘myAgent’, it found the document matching the query but also printed additional lines to the console.

I did some research and found that I have to set DEBUG_GQF_QUERY=0. John Curtis confirmed on Twitter that the variable has to be set.