Notes Client 12.0.2 (Danube) – “Workspace_Navigator_Width”

HCL Notes 12 introduced the new Workspace Navigator that replaces the well known tabs at the top to the left sidebar.

You can hide the Workspace Navigator or reduce it’s size to display the tab icons only.

New in HCL Notes 12.0.2 is a notes.ini variable Workspace_Navigator_Width that stores the last size on client shutdown.

As far as I could find out, the default values are

  • 10 (hide/collapse)
  • 55 (tab icons only)
  • 170 (default width )

I prefer the “tab icon” style. The question is: “How can I make the setting persistent?” . If I extend the Workspace Navigator to it’s full size or hide it during a client session, the width would be saved in the notes.ini, and the Workspace Navigator opens with the saved width on next client startup.

I have played with Desktop policy, but found that doing it via policy is not reliable.

panagenda Marvel Client Essentials to the rescue. panagenda Marvel Client Essentials are part of HCL Notes and Domino. Refer to this document to enable the tool in your environment.

Open Marvel Client config and create a new Object -> A5 *.ini & Variables .

Save & close the document. When you now start your Notes Client 12.0.2 the Workspace Navigator will open to the tab icons only state.

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