DOTS – “An error occurred while processing the command”

If you are using DOTS in Domino 12.x, you might have seen some NullPointer Exceptions after you have updated a DOTS plugin. Recommendation was to delete the complete workspace-dots folder prior to starting DOTS after the upgrade.

This issue has been addressed in SPR# SJAAC3BNWV: DOTS – Workspace need to be deleted on every change and add of new plugin.

With this fix it is no longer necessary to delete the workspace-dots folder. Not sure, when the fix was provided. There is no information about it in the fix list database.

But this is only true for Domino on WINDOWS. If you are using DOTS with Domino on LINUX, you will see an error on the Domino server console ( “An error occurred while processing the command”) or even worse, the NullPointer Exceptions.

The problem is that the underlying API in Domino does not delete files starting with a dot. (hidden files on UNIX systems).

There is a HF67 available for Domino 12.0.1 FP1 that fixes this issue. SPR# DNADCHM8VJ: Deleting directory fails on Linux/UNIX when directory contains files starting with dot (UNIX hidden file).

The fix has already found it’s way into Domino 12.0.2 (Danube).

If you need the fix, open a case with HCL support.