A tribute to the Antonov AN-225 ( and some words on the Ukraine WAR)

The largest transport aircraft in the world, the Antonov AN-225 Mriya was presumably irretrievably destroyed at the beginning of the unprovoked, international law violating WAR OF AGGRESSION between Russia and Ukraine.

However, this is only a material asset.

Much worse is the suffering of the civilian population caused by Russian aggression and the inhumane actions of the Russian invading forces in this WAR OF AGGRESSION.
At the same time, Russian dictator is holding the peoples of the free world hostage and condemning them to inaction by threatening a nuclear first strike in the event that the free world intervenes militarily in the conflict.
And those in Russia who have the power to stop this insane despot are siding with him out of sheer fear instead of following their conscience and acting.

This WAR OF AGGRESSION is not the war of the overwhelming part of the Russian population. It is the war of a ruthless, power-obsessed, cowardly autocrat for whom no lie against the Russian people is too brazen to push through his plans. With all his might.

As much as I would like to see the Russian people revolt. .
In a climate of repression, elimination of freedom of expression, prohibition of independent reporting, and the threat of rotting in the gulag for 15 years if you use the word WAR, it is understandable that resistance to the regime in Moscow is difficult or impossible to achieve.

Let us not give up hope that the people of the free world, together with the part of the Russian population that opposes the WAR in Ukraine, will find a way to end the WAR and bring the aggressors to justice.

An airplane can be rebuilt. A destroyed world and the mistrust between peoples caused by the war, on the other hand, is difficult to restore.