RIM, HELP and web services

A few days ago I received the following mail:

Hello Ulrich,

I am with Research In Motion, the makers of the BlackBerry solution.
We are currently looking to demonstrate at Lotusphere BlackBerry Mobile
Data Services 4.1 support for Domino 7 web services and your application
appeared as a candidate. Do you have any current work to extend the
application using the native D7 web services? Any means to get
development assistance from your team to add this into the application
(at least a few basic functions) in the next few weeks?

Thanks in advance,

I think, that this is a great idea, and Thomas Schulte, Axel Janssen an myself are now working on some web services.

more to come after christmas …

P.S. I am eager to see all my currently open tickets on a BlackBerry … unfortunatly we are not using HELP in my company …