Das Project Domiclipse von Keith Smillie und Wes Gilster hat zum Ziel, Eclipse als Entwicklungswerkzeug für Java und Lotusscript unter Lotus Notes Domino zur Verfügung zu stellen. Domiclipse Java steht bereits in einer Alpha Version zur Verfügung; zu Domiclipse LS gibt es noch keinen Download auf der Seite. Informationen zur Verfügbarkeit und evtl. Kosten findet man in den FAQ

Domiclipse lets you write better Domino applications more quickly!
Use the full power of the worlds most advanced Java IDE to write Domino agents.
The advanced Java editor in Eclipse provides a level of functionality unseen in the Domino world.

  • Intelligent editor checks your code as you type and offers corrections.
  • Code completion for all Java methods, including Domino classes.
  • Online help shows you what every Java method does as you type.
  • Powerful macro language makes writing repetitive code as simple as filling in the blanks.
  • Use JavaDoc to write self documenting applications.
  • Integrated TODO list shows outstanding tasks.
  • Advanced search can find and replace across multiple agents and databases.
  • Much more…

[via ChadSmiley Blog]

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