Project Wanda – just Vaporware ??

I wonder if IBM’s project WANDA really exists. It has been announced at the Opening General Session ( Min 41:00 ) of Lotusphere2006.
Was it Ken Bisconti showing an USB-Key to the audience ?

There have been a lot of bloggers sitting in the first row.

If I were Mike Rodin, I’d step down from the stage to those bloggers and have plugged in the key to a randomly choosen computer and start the Notes Client from the thumb.

Nothing like this happens …

I guess, WANDA is Vaporware

2 thoughts on “Project Wanda – just Vaporware ??

  1. That’s just nonsense. Wanda was demonstrated in the labs; I went there, I saw it, I talked to one of the lead engineers.

    There was a laptop that had nothing but XP installed. It was clean, otherwise. The engineer plugged in his stick, fired up Notes from it, and demoed me how it worked. It was a 4 GB stick which also carried the Workplace Rich Client. Then he closed notes, pulled out the stick, and the laptop was empty again. No trace of Notes to be found.

    He said there were two issues to be worked out: one is, what happens when someone unexpectedly plugs out the stick? You don’t want to corrupt databases when that happens. And second, they wanted to build in some sort of VPN client, to give a user an office experience, even when on an offsite location.

    So either you’re mistaken, or IBM pulled some ingenious trick on us, fooling each and everyone that visited the labs and watched the demonstration. But why would they do that?

    Wanda is supposed to be included in ND7.0.2; we’ll see what happens.

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