Web users are unable to upload files larger than 10 MB

Web users are not able to upload a file whose size is greater than 10 MB to a database on a Lotus Domino 6 server. Domino returns the following error message to the user:

‘Error: Unable to upload file: ‘

Or users might see the following error in the browser:

‘The page cannot be displayed. ‘

The error occurs when uploading a file, or attaching a file to a document, for any database on the server. You verify this is a server issue by creating a test database that includes an embedded file upload control on a form and a submit button, and reproducing the problem in this new database. You may notice this behavior for a new Domino 6 installation, or after upgrading the server from Domino R5 to Domino 6.  

By default, a Lotus Domino 6 server allows a maximum of 10 MB of POST data, which applies to file uploads.  To allow larger files to be uploaded to a Lotus Domino 6 server, you should verify or change the following settings in the Server document:

Maximum size of request content

The “Maximum size of request content” field is new to Domino 6.  This field sets the total amount of data that can be contained in a request.  This limit is enforced for all POST and PUT methods.  The default is 10 MB.  You can set a specific size, or enter zero (0) to allow an unlimited file size.

This field is found in the Server document, on the Internet Protocols – HTTP tab.

Maximum POST Data

The “Maximum POST data” field sets the amount of data that a user is allowed to send to the Web site in a POST request that targets a database. The default is 0, which does not restrict the amount of data that users can send.

This field is found in the Server document, on the Internet Protocols – Domino Web Engine tab.