Must-Have tools and templates

IBM ships a couple of default templates with every release of Lotus Notes Domino. There are loads of templates you can download and use free of charge from OpenNTF. And you can find much more when surfing the internet.

I’m not only talking about open source and free of charge tools and templates for every-day-work.

Let me know about your “must-have” gadget or your favorite kewl tool; … post a link to an awesome template; … write your success story; … how do you use standard templates? 😉

From the 7.0.1 Fix List

You can use LotusScript to automatically specify a different printer other than the default printer, and reset a printer to be the default for all software applications. However, if you do this, Lotus Notes fails to pick up the Windows Registry printer setting change. All other software applications correctly pick up the changed setting.

SPR# DJOE587EW3 – With this fix, Notes reponds correctly after changing the default printer using LotusScript. *YEEHA*

[via Lotus Notes Knowledgebase document # 1194457]