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I was looking for a solution to replace the standard view navigation by something more “stylish”. And the solution should be easy to implement.

Domino Web Navigation - old style

I googled and came across an old article written by Bob Obringer ( The Ultimate Domino View Navigator ). His solution can be implemented with just a basic understanding of Domino Web Development.
I built it into an existing database in just a few minutes and the result is impressive.

Domino Web Navigation - new

The navigator can be customized using CSS. So jump over and download the needed files to “pimp” your web views 😉

5 thoughts on “View Navigation

  1. Um, Am I wrong but I do not see the expand and collapse functionality returned in the view navigator or Bob Obringer?

    That view navigator only works on FLAT views, notcategorized views.

    So in a way you are mixing things up…;-)

  2. I’m also a functionality-over-visual guy. The original Domino view has also a Search feature, which is one of the most powerful features in Domino – super fast and powerful. The only thing what the original Domino web view lacks are the page numbers and css, I think I need to make a feature request to IBM to have them there by default!

  3. @Mika:

    I think I need to make a feature request to IBM to have them there by default!

    Good luck, the last feature requests I made resulted in a stupid “Wait for Notes 8” answer.

    I know that the original code only works for flat views, but I read in the comments that someone has a solution for categorized views.

  4. @Patrick: Yes Bob’s solution works on flat views only. However with a little alteration you can make it work with categorized views as well. The principle to use ?ReadViewEntries to retrieve the number of entries applies to categorized too. The challenge: you need to compute pages depending on what category you open/close. So more math is needed.

    @Mika: Adding the search to Bob’s template is rather easy. Just add one passthru form to it.

    🙂 stw

  5. Hello Eknori,
    i want to download the the files but the link is broken.
    Can you help me?? and send me the files via mail??

    thank you


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