Comments of Andre Guirard on Designer wishlist items

Hynek Kobelka posted his list of all the items which he likes or dislikes so far in Notes 8. Amongst this list are 2 features, I expected to see in the new Notes 8 client. Computed view headers and embedded views from another database.

Obviously these features will not make it into the Notes 8 codestream. Andre Guirard ( the Project Lead for the Domino Designer client ) posted his comments on this in the Notes/Domino 8 Public Beta Forum.

No computed â??View Titlesâ??. Many have asked for this for years. We really need these to create multi-language applications. Instead we get a new option â??Do not display column titleâ??. What good is this for ? (And is it different from having a blank title ?)

Agreed, this is a much-requested feature that did not make it into 8.0 (we’re not adding more features at this point). We understand the importance of this in creating multilingual apps that have reasonable performance (you don’t want a separate view for each language). This is high on my list of next things I’d like to get into the product. (note: it’s not like I get to decide, but I do get a vote, and I can also bug the decision makers. 🙂 )

If you insert an â??Embedded-Viewâ?? into a Form/Page, then you can select the view from any other database. However once you do this the replica-ID of the target database seems to be â??hardcodedâ??. There is still no option to insert an â??embedded viewâ?? where the source database would be computed. After all these years where we are only such a small step from our goal, we still donâ??t get it. Sorry but that is a REAL disappointment.

Here again, we understand why this is important and it’s high on my personal list. We had to focus on composite application features first, and this got edged out. We had hoped to have time for it.

Seems that we have to wait for another decade …