Auto-Populated Groups in Domino 8.5

Domino 8.5 comes with a new feature to use predefined criteria to automatically determine and update group membership.

Complete these steps to set up an auto-populated home server group.

  • Set up a Home Server auto-populated group in a Group document.
  • Specify the update interval for auto-populated groups in the Domino Directory Profile document.

and ( this is not in the administrator help for 8.5 )

  • You must have LDAP enabled on the server.

Why LDAP ? Take a look at the “SelectionCriteria” field in the recently created group document.

2 thoughts on “Auto-Populated Groups in Domino 8.5

  1. This is a real “killer” feature. For test purposes i tried to put 2 groups with about 500 members on the ExcludedMembers field. When Domino tried to recalculate the group members i got the following error:

    “Warning! – Expanding the Excluded Members field exceeds the field limit. Please remove some people/groups and then remove this warning”

    Thanks to the 32K restriction of indexed document fields (described here you can never rely on this feature to work properly in larger environments. The error itself occurs when the server tries to expand the members of the groups written to the ExcludedMembers field.

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