PushOnly, PullPull, PushPull, PullOnly ?

I wanted to have a quick overview on how the servers replicate and if replication is enabled w/o. opening each document.

The easiest way to accomplish  this is to insert a new row into the “Server\Connections” view in the Domino Directory. The view displays values as colors. If replication or schedule is disabled for a connection, the column does not show an icon.

The following formula is used to visualize the replication direction.

@If(RepTask="0" | Enabled="0";"";
@If ( RepType="0";_PullPull; RepType="1";_PullPush; RepType="2";_PullOnly; RepType="3";_PushOnly;

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  1. korrekte Anzeige nur in Clients >R6, in R6 ist da ein kleiner Briefumschlag an den Pfeilen. Aber ansonsten nice!

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