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A few days ago Vladislavs Tatarincevs sent me this email

Hi, Ulrich,
in your blog, you have posted some posts that relates to notes.ini,
Maybe we could join forces to create a set of Notes.ini for server and client, and post it,
I think many young administrators will benefit from this.  😉
I have opened discussion on my blog, but only few people responded and shared their notes.ini settings.

What do you think?


I think, this is a good idea. There are already some sources, where you can find notes.ini related information.

Notes.ini Entries” and even IBM’s “Lotus Notes/Domino Notes.ini settings” database are only two of these sources. All have one thing in common. You have to know the parameter or a part of it to find information about this parameter. None of the sources are able to answer questions like: “How can I force my client to create ODS48 databases?”. This is only a simple sample and can be easily answered with “Add CREATE_R8_DATABASES=1 to your notes.ini and run compact -c”. But there might be also more difficult questions to be answered and sometimes adding a certain parameter can have side effects.

So we thougt that having a WiKi for this would be great and we would like to ask our Notes Community for some feedback. So please feel free to post your thoughs as a comment here or if you do not want to give your feedback in public, write me an email.

Looking forward to reading your feedback.

5 thoughts on “Notes.ini WiKi

  1. So true. I would also advise to use the IBM Wiki’s.

    As otherwise the information gets to distrubuted and you could add an extra category in the IBM wiki psecialized for notes.ini parameters.

  2. I just saw that a user from UK added 100-200 notes.ini entrys to the IBM Wiki … I know it for sure, because I added some more infos to them.

    But these notes.ini entrys are now removed from the wiki… I´m unable to find them. So I would say… IBM will not have such notes.ini entrys in the wiki … or why should they remove them… adding 100-200 entrys is a LOT of work.

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