Get View Column Sums With LotusScript

I surfed the web the other day and came across an entry in OpenNTF’s codebin.  Ferry Kranenburg posted a sample database that shows, how you can create graphs using RMchart from Notes Views.

In his code,  Ferry uses the NotesViewNavigator class to search a view for a given key and to return the according view column values as a string when the search returns a match.

The original function (= var_FastViewLookup ) is very static, because the columns to return are hardcoded, so it cannot be used in other applications without modifications. So I decided to rewrite the function to be more generic. Here is the result:

Function var_FastViewLookup(_
db As NotesDatabase,_
View As String,_
Key As String,_
KeyCol As Integer,_
cols As Variant) As Variant 

	On Error Goto Err_Handle
	Dim nav As NotesViewNavigator
	Dim ve As NotesViewEntry
	Dim v As NotesView
	Dim i As Integer
	Redim colVal (1) As String
	If Trim(view) = "" Then Goto Exit_Here

	Redim colVal (Ubound(cols)) As String
	Set v = db.GetView(view)

	Set nav = v.CreateViewNav
	Set ve = nav.GetFirst

	While Not ve Is Nothing
		If ve.ColumnValues(KeyCol) = Key Then
			i = 0
			Forall c In cols
				colVal(i) = ve.ColumnValues(c)
				i = i+1
			End Forall
			Set ve = Nothing
			Set ve = nav.GetNextCategory(ve)
		End If
	var_FastViewLookup = colVal
	Exit Function
	Resume Exit_Here
End Function

Here is a sample of how to use the function:

Sub Click(Source As Button)
	Dim s As New NotesSession
	Dim db As NotesDatabase
	Set db = s.CurrentDatabase
	Dim retval As String

	Dim KeyCol  As Integer
	KeyCol = 2 ' View column containing category search key

	Dim cols (3) As Integer
	cols(0) = 7 ' all tickets ( sum )
	cols(1) = 8 ' 0 - 4h
	cols(2) = 9 ' 4 - 8h
	cols(3) = 10 ' 8h +

	retval = Join(_
        var_FastViewLookup(db , "($ddTickets_ByMonthRep)", "2008-01", KeyCol, cols), "*")

	Msgbox retval
End Sub

The sample returns the following value


One thought on “Get View Column Sums With LotusScript

  1. Thanks you for the rewritten function. I updated my example at openntf.

    I was thinking, we could try to rewrite the function and change the keycolumn parameter into an array just like you did with the cols parameter. Sometimes views do have 5 subcategories and 1 totals column. What if you would like the totals of the 3rd subcategory? It will save some extra views right?

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