Tweak Notes 8.0.2 Start-Up Sequence

The Notes start-up sequence has been reordered as part of performance enhancement in release 8.0.2. Notes users are now prompted to authenticate (log in using their Notes password) before the Notes workbench appears on-screen.
You can (for whatever reason) disable this new feature by adding ENABLE_EARLY_AUTHENTICATION=0 to the notes.ini.

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5

With Lotus Notes / Domino 8.5, a new version of Lotus Notes Travel(l)er will also be available. Here is a list new features for the IBM Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.

Mobile device security policies

An administrator can now define mobile device security policies, along with other Lotus Notes Traveler application settings. The Lotus Notes Traveler client will monitor the device security settings, and if they are not compliant with the policy, an administrator defined action is taken.

Remote wipe

If a mobile device is lost or stolen, an administrator can issue a remote wipe command to remove all sensitive data from the device. You have the option to remove the Lotus Notes Traveler application and data or restore the device to the factory default.

Improved web server configuration support

The Lotus Notes Traveler server no longer requires the use of Internet Site documents for the Domino HTTP server configuration. This will eliminate a number of integration problems with other web applications that reside on the same Domino web server and that could not support Internet Site documents. Lotus Notes Traveler server will continue to support Internet Site Documents if they are already in use on the Domino Server.

Name Lookup

The name lookup feature of Lotus Notes® Traveler allows mobile users to search for and find information about users in the Domino® directory, or remote directories if directory assistance is configured. The name lookup feature can be accessed by selecting Lookup Name on the tools menu of the Lotus Notes Traveler client. By default, name lookup returns the first 25 results for a given query and returns names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses. You do have the option to customize the name lookup feature to best fit your needs.

Rich Text mail support

Rich text email can now be displayed on Window Mobile 6 devices, including support for fonts, tables and text color.

Lotus Traveler Access

It is now possible to explicitly limit who can and cannot access the Lotus Notes Traveler service on the Domino server. An administrator can define which users or groups of users that are allowed to use the service and which ones cannot.

Device management

A new Domino application database, LotusTraveler.nsf, shows information about the users and their devices that are using the Lotus Traveler service within the Domino Administration client for the current Domino server.

For further information follow this link.