Impressive DAOS results

I recently ran daosest 1.1 on one of our production server.  The test took almost 48 hours. Here are the results.

Total DB’s analyzed: 957
Total DB’s skipped due to errors: 0
Total Size of NSF’s Examined: 1023.8 GB
Total Attachments found: 3070488
Total Duplicate Attachments found: 2084628
Total DAOS Eligible Attachments: 3070488
Estimated Size of DAOSified NSF’s: 89.6 GB
Estimate Size of DAOS dir: 335.0 GB
Total Disk Savings: 636.8 GB

I am really impressed. Never expected the calculated total disk savings.

If you want to use DAOS in a clustered environmen, here is some information by Paul Mooney.

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