Demonstration Application for XPages

As the name suggests the Demonstration Application for XPages is a web based IBMLotus Domino R8.5 application used to demonstrate many aspects of the new XPagestechnology.

Launched via a web browser, the user can navigate through the provided links menu and see how many of the XPages features might work on a real application.


The demo application can also be worked with in IBM Lotus Domino Designer R8.5.

Here the user can see how the application is put together and inspire the user to reuse theXPages features displayed in their own Domino 8.5 applications.

The Demonstration Application for XPages has been released on under theApache v2 license.

Blackberry, Bluetooth and a group of persons

One of our Blackberry users complained that the bluetooth connection between the device and his AUDI became unstable for some reason.

He sent me an error message saying: Uncaught exception:java.lang.ClassCastException

I googled for this error message an found an entry in saying that this error could be caused by adding a group to the personal addressbook. Hard to believe but nowadays nothing seems to be impossible. I phoned the user and asked if he recently added a group to his addressbook. He confirmed. So I asked him to delete the group and to try bluetooth again.

Today he confirmed that after deleting the group from his addressbook, the bluetooth connection works again.

The device is a BB 8800 running with firmware As the forum thread is from 2006, I guess that this error is already fixed in a newer firmware version. Have to check this.